Toll Management System Solutions

Simplify the toll management operations using a single integrated solution
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Efficient Toll Operations with Our Innovative Toll Management System Solutions

For a more pleasing expressway experience, Vara’s tolling system integrates a mix of technologies and methods to let you centrally manage toll operations with a single integrated solution. We are getting you the most efficient and reliable toll management software in the nation today.

Our cutting-edge toll management solutions offer users a hassle-free experience, boosting the effectiveness of tolling booth operations. It collects information and generates reports on several criteria, including quantities, classification, speed, etc.

Our ICD 2.5 complaint software combines the integration of hardware, software, banks and concessionaires under one roof.

Toll Management System

Improving Toll Revenue and Profitability

  • Electronics (reduces dependency)
  • Laser-based 3D AVCC (+99% accuracy)
  • Turn key solution which includes complete system development, deployment, installation, after sale
  • Electronic toll collection using RFID (FASTag)
  • ETC compliant system
  • Flexibility of multiple ETC hardware integration
  • Minimal cross reading


Standard Features

Architecture that assists in optimizing performance

Ongoing surveillance that eliminates pilferage

Integrated command and control-centre

Near real time reporting leading to enhanced data analytics

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