Crypto & Darknet Forensics

Search for dark web intelligence, eavesdrop on cybercriminals, and look into unauthorized blockchain activity
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Our Web Protection Technologies – Crypto and Darknet Forensics, provide absolute Security against Cyber Threats

The last few years have seen an exponential increase in the severity, sophistication, and potential harm cybercrimes can cause to businesses across the globe. The perpetrators of these crimes are anonymous and incur meagre costs to carry out a cybercrime, while the price of prevention is exceptionally high, and enterprises are having difficulty monitoring and preventing crimes in cyberspace due to people’s growing reliance on the internet.

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Cybercrimes, which up until recently were only limited to computer hacking, have since expanded to include data theft, ransomware, and attacks on Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). In computer (Mac and Windows) and mobile (iOS and Android) forensics investigations, we at Vara are skilled at finding, analyzing, and extracting cryptocurrency artifacts using open-source and paid tools.

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Darknet & Crypto Forensics you can count on

Gain detailed insights into cryptocurrency transactions, addresses, and wallets, as well as the connections between them, by leveraging over 100 billion data points.

Key Characteristics

Evaluate, combat, and prevent threats

Do you want to know how our crypto and darknet forensics can help you detect and prevent financial crime in crypto?