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We’re bringing the latest tech across Blockchain | Cybersecurity | RFID | 3D Manufacturing under one umbrella to engage as a digital transformation accelerator, fast-forwarding enterprise success across multiple industries.

The Two Sides Of Vara

Addressing The ‘Now’
  • Visibility of asset movement in logistics
  • Traffic violations tracking and penalization
  • Automating payments at tolling booths
  • Preventing unauthorized access and hacking
  • Transaction and data transparency
Innovating The ‘Next’
  • 3D Manufacturing of cross-industry devices
  • Blockchain led traceability for manufacturing and BFSI
  • Threat intelligence and biometric-based access control
  • Automated transit and violations tracking
  • Training CoE for advanced knowledge sharing

CONNECTING Digitization Needs With Tech

An Ecosystem Of Latest Technology Solutions


We are one of the few Indian companies realizing production-grade Blockchain solutions on Hyperledger Fabric protocol.

Traceability | Digital Certificates (CERTCHECK)
Inter Company Reconciliation | Trade Finance | E-KYC | Fastag Enabled Tolling


Unlocking visibility across OT, IoT, and IT for accelerated security and digital transformation

Our Cyber Security Offerings

Managed Security Services Provider | Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting | Advisory Services | Cyber Network Defence | Cyber Security Assessment | Cryptocurrency Forensics Solution | Operational Technology (OT) Security | OSINT, WebINT & Darknet Solution | Cyber Forensic | Facial and Voice Biometrics |Cyber Security Training Academy


We create your unique digital journey – from strategy to design to implementation—turning IoT into reality and driving sustainable growth in a digital world. Our Partners in Embedded & IoT have more than five decades of experience in embedded systems to guide your company and provide economical and efficient solutions.

Solution Designing & Prototyping | Platform Assessment | Prototyping and Proof of concept | System Integration

3D Manufacturing

Vara CoE has joined hands with the world’s leading 3D equipment manufacturing company, Stratasys, to offer organizations and MSMEs a facility to create designs for their products or reverse engineer designs from products. Expert designers are available for consulting, advisory, and design services. Enterprises and start-ups can use the CoE facilities to transform their ideas into products quickly.

CATALYZING The Pace Of Digital Readiness

Training & Skilling Focus

Digital Enablement

Beyond technology-led process evolution, we enable teams with learning and skill development across niche technologies. Industry experts and SMEs in our training CoEs impart tech-specific knowledge sharing, followed by assessments to ascertain the skills acquired.

Skill Development On Niche Technologies

Cyber-security Practices
Embedded Technologies
Data Science and
Data Engineering


Scripting Sector Success

An epicenter of technology, we have eased digital transformation across diverse projects for MNC giants, emerging startups, and governments.







Roads & Logistics

Designed end-to-end E-tracking solutions for containers in real-time, making rail freight the most beneficial choice for logistics companies.


Our blockchain CoE in its 2.5 years of journey has bagged projects from prestigious customers like Tata Steel.


Governments are curbing malpractice in Public Distribution System (PDS) with the help of tracking and tracing technology.


Leveraging a reliable solution for determining Educational transcripts with usage of Blockchain technology.


3D printing capability to create models of organs including, the heart, kidney, lungs, brain, etc.

Into The Epicenter Of Our Brand

More About VARA

We are a nimble team, optimally implementing best-in-class technologies for better outcomes. With almost a decade of industry experience, national certifications, and strong engagements, we have evolved to emerge as an epicenter of tech for diverse sectors today.

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