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Protecting Endpoints from Cyber Attacks with Our Advanced Endpoint Security Solutions

Data is being used in more locations and by more devices as your workforce evolves, opening it up to new threats. Your business must support mobility, connectivity, and flexibility, but security is just as important. And doing so is getting harder and harder. Endpoint security services offer the individualized, knowledgeable direction you need to recognize risks, devise solutions, and confidently thwart potential threats. Make the most of your security investments to safeguard the information and hardware that are vital to your company.


Comprehensive defense against sophisticated malware

Observing attack tactics in a safe setting

Attackers who try to experiment with the endpoint protection agent have their activity recorded by the cloud-based endpoint security platform when using cloud-based endpoint protection. The solution provider can detect malicious tactics and prevent them from being used in a real attack.

Data sharing and community safety

The more data collected by a cloud endpoint protection system, the better it can defend individual endpoints. When a single organization, or even a single endpoint within an organization, is attacked, data about the threat can be used to strengthen defenses for all endpoints in all organizations.

Protection for BYOD and remote devices

The console in conventional endpoint protection systems was installed behind a firewall, making it impossible for devices to connect to it unless they were on the corporate network or connected via a VPN. With organizations supporting BYOD and employees frequently working from home, this is less important in today’s workplaces.

Maintenance and scalability

An endpoint protection server and database are no longer required for deployment and security by organizations. The provider hosts and manages everything in the cloud, excluding the endpoint agent.

Key Characteristics

Evaluate, combat, and prevent threats

Data leakage prevention

Detect and prevent sensitive data breaches, exfiltration, or unauthorized destruction

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