Blockchain Traceability Solutions

Designed to promote collaboration, transparency, and trust in scattered supply chains
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Revolutionize Your Supply Chain with Transparent Blockchain Traceability Solutions

Traceability & authenticity have become very essential requirements for the supply chain. Issuance of genuine certificates is very key to dispersed & layered processes. This promotes transparency and satisfies the needs of consumers for quality assurance.

Our blockchain-based traceability solution ensures secure verification of transactions involving multiple parties. Our system ensures that in a supply chain network, an entity that does not obtain goods through authentic channels will be unable to sell these in the market.


Manage risks and boost efficiency in your global supply chain

Enhanced product visibility

Track a product’s movements throughout the supply chain. Industries such as pharma, liquor, cosmetics, and manufacturing are users of such traceability platforms.

Increased information symmetry

Blockchain-based traceability solutions enable data to be updated to a single shared ledger, providing complete data visibility.

Retrace product claims to their source

Our traceability solutions make it possible to hold stakeholders accountable for assertions of authenticity, legality, and sustainability by establishing an immutable ledger of all transactions made along each supply chain.

Our Offerings

Encourages participation by all the entities- manufacturer, channel partners, dealers, and end customers

The Foundation

Hyperledger fabric blockchain framework serves as the foundation for the solution.

The Platform

What we created and implemented encourages participation from all entities, including manufacturers, channel partners, dealers, and end users.

The System

Ensures product visibility throughout the supply chain, from origin to destination.


A highly scalable, adaptable, and secure enterprise-level solution

TubesNxt – Traceability Solution using Blockchain

The solution is built on top of the hyper-ledger fabric blockchain framework. TC is generated and digitally signed by the manufacturer at the point of sale. Blockchain enables greater transparency by digitizing certificates entered into a permanent, immutable ledger that all involved parties in a transaction can view.

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