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The rising significance of reliability in the banking sector
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Enabling the Transformation of the Banking and Financial Sector with next-generation Technologies to achieve Profitable Growth

From retail banking to neobank startups- our technology has positively impacted every aspect of the IT, banking, and financial service industry. Customers are increasingly demanding round-the-clock unparalleled services in the BFSI. Institutions are under intense pressure to keep up with technological advances to increase customer loyalty and optimize operational and functional efficiency.

Vara creates technologically superior solutions that improve your digital presence and streamline inefficient processes. We constantly invest in emerging technologies to develop innovative and niche solutions in areas such as eKYC, blockchain for trade finance, claims settlement in blockchain platforms, background verification, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Our Products and Services

Corporates worldwide are embracing newer technologies to improve their operations and customer experience. Here are a few of our niche products focused on the IT and BFSI sectors

Cyber Security Offerings

Employee Mobility

Complaint response agility, real-time SMS notifications, and highly secure systems

  • On-field staff tracking and management
  • Daily attendance management
  • Conveyance reports
Facial Recognition

Replace the vulnerable card-based attendance system, particularly in high-security organizations

  • Image capture and database matching

Making sense of massive data sets through Data Integration & Machine Learning

  •  MIS, BI & Reporting
  • Business Alerts
  • Big Data Deep Learning
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
  • NLP, Data Science & Optimization
Finger Vein Biometric

Embrace new-age technology that replaces thumb-based biometric systems to increase access and control for high-security zones and to improve online service security

  •  Use veins as a replacement for impressions
  • Duplication-free solution
 Asset Tracker

Asset register movement as a service with real-time tampering alerts

  • Asset location and movement tracking
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Unscheduled movement alerts

Optimal customer satisfaction combined with a track record of high data retrieval

  • Data storage and retrieval
  • Upkeep of ATMs
Managed Security Services

Around-the-clock, on-premise and remote monitoring, remediation, and resolution services

  • Advanced data protection
  • Insider threat protection
  • Governance, risk & compliance monitoring
  • On-demand application security
Forensics- Recovering Digital Evidences

Leverage our investigation expertise across a range of digital forensic cases to stay up to date with the new generation of digital crime

  • Extensive investigation of digital forensic evidence via imaging, analysis, and reporting
Cyber Security Training & Consulting (Audit, Security Operation, CERT)

Access courses tailored to suit any level of the employee regardless of industry or organization

  •  Risk assessments
  • Cyber security audits
  • Cyber security and compliance policy implementation
  • Centralized system to handle security issues

Cloud Security

Addressing internal and external security threats to businesses. Learn why manufacturers must integrate cloud-based tools and services into their infrastructure.

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Our Cyber Security Solutions

Reliable, scalable, adaptable, and cost-effective

Crypto Forensic

Involve following and analyzing the movement of cryptocurrency assets on blockchains.

  • Visualization and Tracking: Retains a user-friendly case tracking system designed for safe, practical, and cooperative use.
  • Broad Transaction Coverage: Assures that information is available in real-time across thousands of entities and all the leading blockchains.
  • Automated & Evidence-Based: Offers sophisticated risk assessment, real-time updates, and immutable historical data logging.
  • Track and trace: potentially illegal activities, including fraud, swindles, security lapses, and money laundering.


Integrating all aspects of the value chain—from data collection to the generation of contextualized insights—into a single application.

  • More open sources than ever before, including news, blogs, social media, press releases, and research
  • Customizable setup based on the client list and personal preferences
  • Ready-made dashboards and trend tools that contextualize the data, extracting pertinent and timely results
  • Personalized email alerts

Blockchain Offerings


A blockchain-based platform based on global benchmarks for validating certificates to ensure authenticity

  • Instant Verification with real-time results
  • Authentic, as the document is visible online
  • Blockchain ensures immutable & tamper-resistant documents
  • Automatic verification reduces costs and eliminates the need for human intervention
  • Global verification possible
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Trade Finance

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is designed to improve the trade finance lending process. It helps banks, trading, and insurance companies access new markets with new products while reducing risk and streamlining cross-border trade for buyers and sellers.

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Accomplishing KYC by traditional methods requires an enormous workforce and moves at a snail’s pace due to capacity constraints.

With a highly trusted mechanism, organizations can use the information only with customers’ consent, and no central entity would be able to compromise a consumer’s identity.

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Intercompany Reconciliation

Bridging information gaps in diverse supply chains, tracking warranty data, and meeting customer safety and demand requirements

  •  Real-time transaction settlement
  • Automation eliminates mismatches
  • Increased counterparty visibility with role-based access
  • Tamper-proof & accurate data layer
  • Increased auditor confidence
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