Industrial Manufacturing & Critical Infrastructure

Modernizing manufacturing and critical infrastructure using disruptive technologies and next-generation solutions
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Securing Industrial Manufacturing and Critical Infrastructure with Advanced Solutions

The world is changing at a breakneck pace. Manufacturing digitization has resulted in such a radical transformation that it is now classified as a fourth Industrial Revolution—Industry 4.0. What began in Industry 3.0 with the adoption of computers and automation will be expanded in the fourth industrial revolution with smart and autonomous systems powered by data and machine learning.

Manufacturing and critical infrastructure are facing technological, market, and societal challenges never like before. CIOs must identify important internal and external factors and take appropriate action in order to see the future. Vara is on a mission to modernise the overall manufacturing landscape and critical infrastructure through disruptive technology and next-generation solutions.

Our Offerings

Blockchain-based industrial manufacturing solutions

Blockchain Offerings

Traceability Solution

Blockchain-based traceability facilitates product quality monitoring/control, operation monitoring/control, real-time data acquisition, transparency, and visibility throughout the supply chain.

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Intercompany Reconciliation

Bridging information gaps in diverse supply chains, tracking warranty data, and meeting customer safety and demand requirements

  • Real-time transaction settlement
  • Automation eliminates mismatches
  • Increased counterparty visibility with role-based access
  • Tamper-proof & accurate data layer
  • Increased auditor confidence
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Trade Finance

Vara has built a Trade Finance platform which automates all import-related transactions with the Bank. All payment instructions like A1, A2, Advance, NNDO etc., get approved on the platform & triggered to Bank. Automating the entire process eliminates manual intervention, which reduces the lead time. Documents move faster, and transactions get settled in near real-time.

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Cyber Security Offerings

RFID Offerings

Track & Trace Solutions

The decades-old tech like RFID remains relevant despite digital disruption. RFID’s real-time tracking data allows manufacturers and pharma companies to make quick, well-informed decisions in moments of supply chain crisis.

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CoE Offerings

3D Printing / Prototyping

Transform your ideas into reality with our unrivalled 3D printing, scanning, and design services. We have collaborated with Stratasys, the world’s leading 3D equipment manufacturing company, and several 3D designers and experts to equip companies with the ability to create or reverse engineer products. We provide design, consulting, and advisory services to corporations and MSMEs to quickly turn their ideas into reality.

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Find out how blockchain can power industrial manufacturing!