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Ultra-secured facial recognition & voice biometrics authentication powered by the most secure public key encryption
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Enhancing Security with Our Biometric Technology Solutions for Authentication and Identification

Businesses are finding it more difficult than ever to safeguard themselves and their clients from fraud and data breaches. Passwords and knowledge-based authentication (KBA), two common forms of traditional authentication, are not only inconvenient but also open to hacking.

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Users who, on average, have more than 20 passwords to remember, find forgotten login information, locked accounts, and tedious reset procedures annoying. This frequently results in poor password hygiene. According to a PYMNTS study, 59 % of consumers use the same password for multiple accounts, which empowers cybercriminals to cause even more damage if a password is discovered. Our biometrics solution uses market-leading technology to meet the demands of system integrators and solution providers for a large-scale, simple-to-integrate, standard-compliant, and high-performance solution.

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Industries We Serve

Our extensive experience and intense focus on R&D enable us to develop industry-leading speech biometric authentication software as well as passive voice and face liveness detection tools.

Defense and Law Enforcement Agencies
Manufacturing Companies
BFSI Sector

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