Digital Certificates Issued Using Blockchain

A platform for issuance of digital & tamper proof documents like educational certificates, identity documents, corporate experience letters using blockchain as a backend technology

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Secure Your Credentials with Immutable Blockchain-based Digital Certificates

Prevalence of fraudulent and tampered certificates and documents is a common phenomenon. Certificates and identity documents are issued digitally which cannot be changed
post-issuance. Using CertCheck, educational institutes & corporates will be able to verify documents and credentials almost instantaneously.

Delays in issuing and verifying job-relieving letters or academic certificates from universities are not uncommon. The delay results from manual verification procedures, which may take 7 to 45 days.

According to research, 48% of HR professionals are so time-constrained that they cannot check each applicant’s credentials thoroughly.

Platform Highlights

Vara’s CertCheck platform allows storing of all certificates issued by various institutions & corporates on a secure data layer.

CertCheck Features

The existing system for managing certificates is slow, complicated, and unreliable.

Our blockchain-based platform, CertCheck, built on global benchmarks, enables seamless validation of certificates, ensuring authenticity and tamper-proofing. A solution in which all original documents provided by various institutions are saved on a single secure platform, making them instantly verifiable using blockchain.

  • Instant Automated Verification
  • Lower Cost and Zero Manpower Requirement
  • 100% Immutable and Tamper-proof Documents


Our blockchain-based CertCheck solution allows various entities such as the government, universities, and larger organizations to access each individual’s credentials in a tamper-proof manner. Data from discrete systems are integrated into the blockchain platform via APIs. When compared to manual verification, blockchain-based certificate verification has many rewards.

Turnaround Time

Instant verification with real-time results
Physical verification may taken 30 - 45 day


Documents cannot be tampered with as their hashes are stored in the blockchain
Forgery & Tampering leading to credibility risk

Cost Involved

Verification through hash with zero intermediary charges
Heavy & unreasonable agent charges involved

University Revenue

Direct revenue stream via a payment link
Majority of universities do not charge for verification
Turnaround Time

It helps accurately assess information without needing manual intervention and ends dependency on intermediaries for verification.

Cost Involved

Organizations often use specialized & dedicated teams to manage the verification process. Using CertCheck, maintaining dedicated teams will not be required.

University Revenue

While most universities do not charge for verification of their certificates, our blockchain-based CertCheck solution serves as a revenue channel for the university.


CertCheck allows the verifier to real time authenticate the credential documents on the platform.

CertCheck – Blockchain Based BGV Platform

A guide where we talk about a working prototype of a solution using blockchain technology where all original documents of a job applicant provided by various institutions are saved on a consortium, a single guarded platform.

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